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Military attorney, John Wickham, has written and been featured in dozens of articles about military law.  Mr. Wickham has more than 24 years experience in military law practice, including before military and federal courts, the boards for discharge upgrades and correction of military records, disability boards, and other agency appeal boards.  

John Wickham,"Federal Court Developments In Military Personnel Law: Protecting Service Members," 55 Naval Law Review 337 (2008)(back pay, promotion, disability, statutes of limitations, and practice before the service records correction boards) *LINK

John Wickham,"Avoiding the Minefield in Judicial Review of Military Personnel Actions," New Jersey Lawyer Magazine (June 2007)(Special Military Law Edition) *LINK

John Wickham,"Federal Courts in the District of Columbia Resurrect Service Members’ Right to Direct Judicial Review of Personnel Actions," 55 Administrative Law Review 23 (2003)(analysis of case law allowing members to bring direct lawsuits against adverse personnel actions without first using agency remedies) *LINK
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Correction of Military Records & More - Articles

John Wickham,"Recent Developments in Federal Court: Service Members Gain Rights to Collaterally Attack Courts-martial" Military Law News, Virginia State Bar Military Law Newsletter (March 2001) 
John Wickham,"Recent Developments In Federal Court Decisions On Military Law," The Military Advocate, Vol IX No.7 (Winter 2000)(published by Judge Advocates Association). 
John Wickham,"The Total Force Concept, Involuntary Administrative Separation, and Constitutional Due Process: Are Reservists On Active Duty Second Class Citizens?" The Army Lawyer, 19 (Oct 2000)[appears as DA Pamphlet 27-50-335] (reviews John Wickham's Gonzalez case and others, compares all services' separation procedures, and recommends Army reform) *LINK
John Wickham,"50 Years of the UCMJ and Role of the Civilian Practitioner," The Military Advocate, Vol IX No.1 (Spring 1999)(published by Judge Advocates Association)(discussed complementary role of private, civilian lawyers).
Washington Times - May 1997 - "Adultery In The Armed Forces Is A Unique Military Offense," (Mr. Wickham replying to public outcry and hysteria over court-martial of nuclear B52 pilot, Lt Kelly Flynn). Link to Editorial 
Army Times - Sept. 1999 - "Busting General Hale Exposes Army's Ethical Dilemma" (hypocrisy to aggressively prosecute lower-ranked soldiers for adultery while handling MG Hale with 'kid gloves' to allow retirement under adultery investigation). Link to Editorial
Army Times - Aug. 2004 - "Guardsmen Sues To Stop Stop-Loss." (Mr. Wickham comments that soldier's claim is not legal error but "political case" so it is unreviewable; and courts defer to President as the commander-in-chief). Link to Article 
Army Times - Oct. 2004 - "Soldiers May Have Case, Legal Experts Say," (platoon investigated for refusing Iraq convoy duty when command violated safety procedures that endangered soldiers' lives). Link to Article
Army Times - Nov. 2004 - "Quartermaster Unit Has Avenues To Fight Charges" (unit refused Iraq convoy alleging violation of standing orders). Link to Article

Army Times - Dec - 2004 - "Form Coerced Soldiers To Reenlist," (misleading reenlistment paperwork, combined with unit briefings, threatened de-mobilizing soldiers at Ft Carson to either reenlist or face reassignment to deploying units under "stop-loss" policy that would extend them anyway). Link to Editorial 
Army Times Aug. 2005 - "Attorney: Relationship With Woman Cost General Byrnes His Job." (adultery concerns were unique due to the prejudicial impact upon the highly visible, community role of the general's wife). Link to Article 
Army Times - 2006 - "New Weight Regs - Overhaul Revises Body-Fat Test For Women." (citing Mr. Wickham's prior McGruder BCMR case that found the old test was discriminatory against African-American female soldiers). Link to Army Times
Army Times - June 2007 - "Diagnosis Dilemma: Military's Influence Infects PTSD Cases." (Mr. Wickham discusses built-in bias that can favor convenient discharge for personality disorders over PTSD diagnosis). Link to Editorial
Army Times - Nov. 2010 - "Guardsman, Army At Odds Over PTSD Claim" (Mr. Wickham discredits command's contention that soldier was 'faking it' to get disability benefits). Link to Article